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Sample Costs

From Port Stanley to St Thomas for a tour of 3 restaurants (based on 12 people) $60 per person (based on 12 people, by van)

From Port Stanley to London for a tour of 3 restaurants.

$72 per person (based on 12 people, by van)

From St Thomas to London for a Progressive Dinner (appetizer, main and dessert) to 3 restaurants.  $89 per person plus HST (based on 12 people, by van)

From London to Port Stanley to 3 Restaurants, $79 pp, plus HST, based on 12 people, by van)

From London to Port Stanley, to 3 restaurants, $89 pp, plus HST, based on 22 people, by bus

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A FoodTour, or Culinary Tour, is a tour that you take to 3 or 4 restaurants to experience  a sampling of food at each restaurant and check out the ambiance at each one.  Culinary Tours have been part of larger cities in USA and Europe for a few decades and are becoming increasingly popular as a tourist activity in larger Canadian urban centres like Toronto and Vancouver.  

And now, Erie Fun Tours is taking you on food tours to popular culinary destinations!

Depending on the size of your group and budget, we take you there by van, limo, bus or limo bus.   We currently offer Culinary Tours in St Thomas, London and Port Stanley.  Read about the rise of popularity of Culinary Tours in this NY Times article.

We can design and arrange the perfect tour for your group.  Do you want a sampling of the specialities or a 'Progessive Dinner", with an appetizer, main and dessert at 3 popular eateries?  Are you a more adventurous group, wanting to try an Ethnic Food Tour to sample the favorites from around the world?  Or maybe you want to try out a couple of the restaurants featured on the television series, "You Have to Eat Here!"  

What is a Food Tour?

Food Tours!