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Terms & Conditions

for Beach Shuttles

Getting on the bus: You will need to show proof that you paid for the trip there and the trip back home. If you purchased your tickets over the phone or over the internet, please keep the code you were given to present to the driver or host on the day of travel on the way there and on the way back.

Bus stop times:Please be at whichever bus stop that you choose on your route 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to be at the stop. Please be considerate and be at your bus stop at the time of departure. The bus will be at the departure location for 10 minutes past the time that it is to depart if all passengers are not present. Keep in mind that due to traffic issues, the bus might be late getting to a stop.  

Age: Passengers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian.  If under 18 and travelling with a guardian, the parent must sign a note of consent stating that the minor passenger has permission to travel with the guardian who is over 18 years of age. ID will be required for passengers who might look less than 18 years of age.


If it looks like a mostly rainy day in Port Stanley, your trip will be cancelled by 11 am on the day of your trip. (By 11 am, if predicts a chance of precipitation at 50 percent or more for the rest of the day, the trip will be cancelled. ) Please check the website at on the Shuttles page to see if your trip is cancelled.  If there is no mention of a cancellation on the Shuttles To Port Stanley page on the website,  the trip will continue as scheduled.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If it’s a rainy day where you live, never assume your trip is cancelled. It is often sunny and bright in Port Stanley when it’s rainy and cloudy in other places. Conversely, there is always the chance that it may be a rainy day in Port Stanley, and a sunny day elsewhere. The cancellation of trips due to weather issues is up to the management of Erie Fun Tours, based on the predictions of for the area of Central Elgin. If the trip is on and you aren’t on board, you won’t be refunded or rescheduled. 

Rescheduling Rainy Day Trips:

Please contact us to let us know what day you would like to be rescheduled for. 

Unruly Passengers:   Belligerent, verbally or physically abusive people will not be tolerated on the bus and will be dropped off at the discretion of the bus driver/host, with no refunds.